I am running as a Libertarian for US House, Idaho congressional district 2 to fight to change the dangerous trajectory of this country.  We are clearly on a path to moral and financial bankruptcy.  If we do not course correct, and quickly, our children’s and grandchildren’s futures and quality of life are at great risk.  The Democrat and Republican uniparty, controlled opposition, will not fix these issues. We need a third option, that is not part of a corrupt system, to take action and be a strong voice for liberty. Ballooning government budgets, tax and spend recklessness, limitless money printing, run-away inflation, massive indebtedness, crony capitalism, globalism, and forever offensive wars are threatening this nation and must stop. I will be your voice for freedom of speech, right to self-defense, right to privacy, economic freedom, self-ownership, personal liberty, and decentralization. 


Fighting for Our Freedoms